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Systems Administrator / Web Developer

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About Me

For the past eight and a half years, I have been fortunate to work at Francis Marion University in a variety of roles, from Desktop Technician, to Director of Desktop Support, to Systems Administrator.

During my time as a SysAdmin at the university, our team made multiple enhancements to the university’s technology systems in an effort to continually improve the student and faculty experience. These enhancements included:

  1. Migrating almost all computer labs and classrooms from a desktop environment to a virtual one with VMware to improve the speed of required system and software updates and to reduce the cost of hardware replacements over time.
  2. Updating our enterprise resource planning (ERP) software from an AS/400 system to a cloud-based one with Ellucian Colleague, which we integrated into our SAML SSO system.
  3. Implementing an Ellucian mobile app via Okta in order to allow for increased accessibility and user experience.
  4. Migrating from an Exchange environment to Office 365.
  5. Planning and preparing for Windows Server 2008 end-of-life by migrating the necessary servers to 2016.

As the Director of Desktop Support, I continually worked to drive down costs in order to meet Francis Marion’s ongoing commitment to value, and ensuring that it remains an economically viable option for many students who might otherwise not be able to afford a university education. In order to align Campus Technology with this goal I negotiated desktop and laptop specifications and prices with our state contract vendor, to drive reductions in technology spending. Additionally, in order to ensure costs stayed low, I maintained a campus wide inventory of all desktops, laptops, and thin clients along with an active update and refresh schedule.

I managed the desktop technicians in their exceptional customer service, computer troubleshooting, and issue resolution. I was also responsible for interviewing, hiring, training, and scheduling our student workers in order to ensure coverage for phone support while taking into account class hours and maximum hours available due to financial aid restrictions. Finally, I represented Campus Technology at the orientation presentations for thousands of incoming freshmen and hundreds of their parents each year.

I'm also a self taught full stack web developer. I started working towards my bachelor's degree while at FMU and learned Java as it is the Computer Science curriculum at the university. Through resources such as the MDN, W3Schools, Udemy, and the official documentation, I’ve learned the front end trio: HTML, CSS (and the Bootstrap framework), and Javascript; I’ve also learned Node.js (and the Express framework) and Python (and the Django framework).

Current endeavors: Staying curious! Hiking the trail toward a deeper understanding of Salesforce, learning 3d modeling and game design with Blender and Unity, and actively seeking a new and challenging position in my new home of Connecticut.

My Portfolio

Sys Admin

At Francis Marion University, I managed two VMware environments across two domains with one other person. One domain housed close to 100 servers while the other provided several hundred virtual computer images for labs and classrooms across campus. Highlights include: Active Directory and Group Policy Objects, VMware, Exchange, Office 365, SQL Server, Veeam, Google Cloud, file and print servers, various license servers, etc.

Programming / Web Development

As a hobby, I study programming and web development. I started with Java, as it was the curriculum for the Computer Science courses at Francis Marion University. In addition to the front end trio (HTML, CSS and the Bootstrap library, and JavaScript), I also know Python (and the Django framework) and Node.js (and the Express framework).

Desktop Support

Years of professional work experience as a Director involved: Providing exceptional customer service and training while troubleshooting and resolving computer issues; maintaining campus wide inventory of all desktops, laptops, and thin clients; hiring and scheduling student workers around their class hours; giving orientation presentations to thousands of incoming freshmen and hundreds of their parents each year.

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