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Hi! I'm Nathan Sartain.

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I’m a full stack web developer with a specialization in the MERN stack. As a seasoned IT professional transitioning into development, I've recently completed UConn’s Coding Boot Camp. This experience augmented my preexisting coding knowledge, obtained through a combination of self-directed learning and coursework from my prior place of employment - Francis Marion University.

I was fortunate to spend 8 years at FMU in a variety of roles from desktop support, to Director of Desktop Support, to Systems Administrator. I worked as a member of a team transitioning the university’s ERP solution from on-prem to the cloud based Ellucian Colleague, and was also one of a two-person team which managed hundreds of servers and virtual computer images across 2 domains in a VMWare environment.

I'm originally from South Carolina, and my wife is from Connecticut; we recently relocated to Connecticut and shortly afterwards I realized that while I enjoyed my time in systems administration, my passion lies in programming and web development.

On a Personal Note:

My wife and I met in World of Warcraft! Quality family time at our house involves video games, board games, and Dungeons Dragons. If the weather is nice, you might also find me on a hiking trail that leads up a mountain or through a forest somewhere in the wilderness.

Get In Touch

Please feel free to email me at, or find me on social media using the links below:

Experience some of my work:

SERN Authentication Template
Screenshot of the SERN Authentication Template.

Authentication template that utilizes the Sequelize ORM for SQL databases, password encryption, a tokenized authentication cookie, user state management via React's Context API, and automated password reset email functionality.

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SAT Test Prep App
Screenshot of the SAT Test Prep app.

An app where educators can log in, enter student answers, and view reports of students' scores for the official College Board SAT practice exams.

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RAWG Game Search and Related News
Screenshot of the SAT Test Prep app.

An app that searches the RAWG video game API and feeds search results to the news API.

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Screenshot of my burger eating app.
Burger Eater

Node.js Express web app that performs Create, Read, and Update operations on a MySQL database.

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Screenshot of my note taking app.
Note Taker

App that uses Express and the Node.js File System module to GET, POST, and DELETE persistent data to a db.json file.

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Screenshot of my weather dashboard.
Weather Dashboard

App that connects to OpenWeatherMap's weather API to display weather for searched cities and saves search history to HTML5 Local Storage.

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Screenshot of my day planner app.
Day Planner

App that schedules the 9-5 work day and saves appointments to HTML5 Local Storage.

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Screenshot of my password generator.
Password Generator

App that generates a random password based on parameters selected by the user.

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Screenshot of my code quiz app.
Code Quiz

Quizzes users on JavaScript knowledge and saves highscores to HTML5 Local Storage.

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